Custom Design T-Shirts – All You Need To Know

T-shirts!!! These are the best costume to be worn for office, weekend trips, casual outing and almost anywhere and everywhere. Even though T-shirts are worn for all occasions, none of the guys or girls feel bored wearing it. This is because they are not just T-shirts now, most of the T-shirts that are worn today are designed and printed T-shirts. So, one can find a lot of logo shirts, picture printed T-shirts, and LED fixed shirts used recently.

Printed T-shirts are very normal and most of the people use it. When it comes to custom design, there are companies that provide a great freedom to the users to design their own T-shirts. But what is the actual procedure that is followed? Have you ever wondered how the designs you provide are printed on the T-shirts? Here are few details on how it is proceeded. So, it is better to provide the color codes instead of choosing the exact color.

The four essential things that are required for custom design T-shirts are


Design file: Once the user registers and logs into the website, the user can either choose the default and existing design or can design their own template to be printed on the shirt. The pictures or the logos and text can also be uploaded in to your account. The file to be uploaded must be supported by the website. Usually it is better to upload a file designed in Adobe illustrator, Photoshop and CorelDraw.

Colours: Once the picture is uploaded, choose the color of the T-shirt. It is important to choose the color of the T-shirt wisely as this may affect the look of the picture. It is important to know which color will goes well with your picture. Another important point to be noted while choosing the color is, the color that is chosen may appear differently when it is printed on the T-shirt.

Placement of the picture or logo: Next comes the placement of the picture. Drag, move, rotate and place the picture in a more appropriate place. It is purely based on the desire of the user. Specifying the measurement size is much better than adjusting the size yourself. Company may not take responsibility if your design is not good or as what you had desired.


Size of the logo on the shirt: Make sure that the size of the logo does not affect the entire look of the T-shirt. The above is the general procedure that is followed while requesting for custom is also important to know about the different types of printing used for printing on T-shirts. User has to ensure that the design does not violate and intellectual property or trade mark and other general corporate laws, else the design may be rejected and any liability is with the user.


Registration: It is important to sign up or register with the company online. A simple registration does not need any advance money or registration fee. Anybody can sign up and start designing their own T-shirts. New users may also have special tutorial on the website.

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Screen printing: This is a type of printing in which different dye colours can be used. Apart from the dye color, the thickness of the print can be varied and it is completely based on the users Choice. Once the user sends the file, the file will be deployed in the software and are adjusted based on the requirements. The adjusted picture is then printed on the transparent sheet. This transparent sheet is exposed to nylon mesh screen which is later washed with high pressure gun. The areas which do not have design is closed with nylon mesh and the screen is ready for printing.


Sublimation printing: once the user sends the file, the design is transferred into a transfer paper. The fabric is cut into similar shape. Later, the transferred paper is aligned with the cut fabric in vacuum free heat transfer machine. The print will finally be printed on the fabric. Once they are printed the panels will be sent for stitching with the T-shirt.


Vinyl printing: In this case the fabric of the T-shirt is directly fed into the printer through conveyor belt. There are also other types of printing which are used to print on the fabric. One can easily do a custom-made T-shirt at this site and get it delivered to you in a short time.

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